Battery Storage Solar


Don’t let your solar power go to waste …

By adding battery storage to your solar installation you’ll be able to decide whether any surplus power generated by your panels goes into the grid or is stored for your own future use.

Without a battery, your grid connect solar installation will be ‘net metered’, meaning whatever solar power you don’t use will automatically be exported into the grid. With a battery, however, you get the option of keeping this extra power and using it to maximise your savings.

Because power retailers charge different rates at different times of day, having your excess solar power stored in a battery will mean you can use that power during peak tariff times when power from the grid is at its most expensive.

Some customers might have had grid connected solar installed as part of the government’s gross metering scheme. Under gross metering arrangements, all electricity generated by your solar installation is exported to the grid. When this scheme ends in December 2016, Sunset Solar can upgrade your system to ensure you still receive the benefits offered by solar power.

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