Grid Connected Solar


Grid Connected Solar is a low-cost, low-maintenance solar solution. It consists of solar panels and an inverter, which converts the DC power generated by the solar panels into 240V AC electricity, which is used by all appliances in your home.

This system uses ‘net metering’, which means the electricity produced by your panels will be used by appliances within your property first. This will reduce your power bills by lessening the amount of electricity purchased from the network. Any surplus power generated will be exported to the grid, for which your electricity retailer will pay you a specified amount per kWh, resulting in further savings.

Without an expensive battery as part of the system, Grid Connected Solar is by far the cheapest solution from an installation perspective. For properties that are likely to use most of the solar power generated, it is the ideal solution. Equally, if you plan to use your solar power for a very specific purpose, i.e. running your pool pump for four hours per day, Grid Connected Solar is a great option.

Equally, if you have enough roof space to fit a large system that will offset your night time usage through solar export tariff during the day then you wont even need battery storage as the power company will effectively become your storage system.

Inquire with us today on whether a regular or optimised solar system would suit you best and we will gladly tailor one to suit you.