Solar Hot Water


Making sure you always have hot water available in your property is a major priority. However, water heating makes up a large portion of your regular energy bill … in some instances this can be up to 25%!

To mitigate these costs, why not consider a solar hot water system?  Sunset Solar’s Evacuated Tube Solar systems use innovative technology to draw thermal energy from the sun specifically to heat your water. We use the most efficient and cost-effective technology available to ensure your property is left with a high quality, dependable asset.

You might decide a solar hot water system is the only solar installation you need, or you may choose to use it to complement your existing Grid Connected or Battery Storage system.  Having a solar hot water system fitted on your roof will not only save you money, but will also give your energy efficiency an extra boost.

And don’t worry! We understand how crucial it is to have uninterrupted access to hot water. On those rare occasions when there isn’t enough sunlight to completely power your hot water needs, your system will automatically switch to use electricity from the grid.

Solar hot water systems are light-weight and can be installed quickly on your roof by Sunset Solar experts with zero fuss. We offer a personalised and reliable service, with quality products sourced from reputable Australian manufacturers, backed up by industry-leading warranties.

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