A friend of mine recommended Sunset Solar so I had them come out to my house and quote an installation. I’d had quotes from other companies and asked them if they could match them and they did. I ended up choosing Sunset Solar as they explained how their system design would be more effective than the others. I also liked their sincerity and flexibility. Good crew, reliable, trustworthy and easy to deal with.

Jason Thomas

Londonderry, NSW

After encountering several Solar salesmen knocking on my door, they seemed a bit dubious and I wasn’t convinced they knew what they were on about. They were just keen to get me to sign the dotted line. When I called Sunset Solar they came out to my home and got up on my roof. They measured it, checked out my switchboard and mains size before they even started talking about my solar options. They projected the average annual yield of the proposed system and gave me several options on panels and inverters. A year later I have saved 40% on my previous annual power bill and couldn’t be happier.

Winfried Klaus

Aberglasslyn, NSW

After an informative consultation, Sunset Solar put up a 6KW system on my house which is now saving me $550 a quarter. Their service, warranty and products make their competition look second rate. Sunset Solar make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting. John from Sunset Solar had previously come to my place to fix my off peak meter and a year or so later I remembered him when my power bill had reached $1350 for the quarter! Since the solar installation it’s now been reduced by over 1/3 of the cost.

Kristen St John

Maryland, NSW

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